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Beauty: A Creation of New Life in the Young and the Old

Beauty A Creation of New Life in the Young and the Old

What is beauty and where does it come from?  Beauty comes from within. You experience pain and anguish to become the kind of perfect you think beauty is. All of this to find yourself broken, hurt, and lost.....a side you wished never to revisit but who has been tormenting and pushing you from the very beginning to reveal the raw beauty that is beneath this fragile, sensitive, innocent little flower. Beauty is pain....Beauty is passion....Beauty is perfection.....Beauty is about letting go of what has been holding you back.....
I believe that every person has multiple parts of their being that reveal itself a little at a time as the years go by.  Some parts might frighten oneself and could set that person into a state of denial for he or she is in disbelief of the ability and voice one possesses.  If you are a timid and fragile perfectionist, like myself, you strive to satisfy the expectations of those around you, who work with you…

When To Know If Something is Bothering You and How To Tame The Stress

When To Know If Something Is Bothering You And How To Tame The Stress By: Robin-Louise Burkitt

           Here it is the end of the first week of the new year and as I sit here on this great comfortable bed of mine snuggling up under my fleece blanket and making sure the pillows are just smooshed enough to cradle my back and my neck, I am pondering on all the trials and tribulations of my past defeats and becoming frantic on what the future holds and what needs to be done so the past does not come back to haunt me in the end.  It's pretty overwhelming if you ask me.  I was asked yesterday, by someone at work, how my Christmas vacation was.  I replied by saying, "Very relaxing!  I read!".  The God's honest truth of the matter is it really was a bold face lie.  (Why in the world do people ask you how you are when they don't want to hear the truth is beyond me.)  I have counted about 10 nights in a row where I have had nightmares or extremely weird/vivid dreams and th…