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My Pursuit of Happiness: Treating My Depression

Some might say I should not post about my mental illness on social media.  In fact, I have had people mention it.  The thing is I am not posting for attention or pity, or to reach out, but to educate and strike up a conversation.  I have a friend that planted a seed in my head about talking about my bipolar and depression and how I deal with it on a daily basis.  I just started posting Facebook Live videos on my personal page.  But, I might switch the security settings to public....I don't know....Please leave a comment on what you think.
            Right now I am still in the midst of my depression and still undergoing treatment.  I have been dealing with Bipolar and Bipolar Depression for the last 9 years and have been none compliant with medication NOT because I felt better BUT because the medication never worked and side effects were too unbearable.  There was a time two years ago that I ended up taking 15 pills a day and 6 different medications.  I've taken…