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How To Slay the Monstrous Dragon We Call Society


There come some days when we wake up thinking that today is going to be a wonderful day.  Then find out, when you walk out of your house, people start verbally attacking you for the sake of depersonalizing you.  The first blow you might not feel as much but when they keep on coming every piece of your being becomes raw and bloody.  A flood of tears comes flowing down your reddened face without any stopping.  I normally get this feeling of worthlessness thinking that I cannot move past this maltreatment.   

STOP RIGHT THERE!!!  We don't deserve this treatment that people give us.  We shouldn't give them permission to rule our life telling us what we should wear, what we should do in our life and how we should talk.  What you should do, as a person, is have a protest rally for yourself.  Take everything that "they" said not for you to do and do just the opposite.  Also, create a POWER look that will give you confidence you need even when you don't look into t…

Home Is Where The Heart Is

At the beginning of this week I celebrated my 31st birthday none other than with my bestest of friends....that's right...with my parents.  I came up with a plan that I wasn't going to celebrate my birthday until my parents came back to the fold.  My mom wasn't here last year and it took her 8 weeks until she came back home.  Due to her illness and a few set backs my dad and I spent many a day by her side.  What I'm trying to say is my family doesn't go anywhere without each other.  We differ from other families who have their members spread out around the world.  We don't just think about oneself but each other as a team.  We keep things close to the nest.  So all in all my home is where my small family is.  What happens when my mother and father go?  I have their house and their memories which inhabits my memories.

How to Get Through the Night When You Can't Sleep

For the past 7 years I have gone countless nights without having a decent night's sleep.  It started with me waking up in the middle of the night (normally at the same time each night) or not being able to fall asleep.  Then at the end it was both not being able to fall asleep AND waking up in the middle of the night.  I would develop really bad headaches and stiff/painful muscles.  It seemed like it took me the longest time to find a solution to alleviate this never ending battle with insomnia.  I am still fighting it to this day.  But I did find a routine that I am able to do to make me feel more relaxed when I go to bed. 
1.  Take a hot shower or hot bath and submerge yourself in the water.  Try putting scented oils in the bath water. 
2. Lather a nice smelling lotion, such as lavender, all over your body. 
3.  Drink hot chamomile tea.
4.  About 2-3 hours before you go to bed turn off all electronics. 
5.  Turn on some soothing music. 
6.  Take Bengay and massage/apply pr…