How To Slay the Monstrous Dragon We Call Society

There come some days when we wake up thinking that today is going to be a wonderful day.  Then find out, when you walk out of your house, people start verbally attacking you for the sake of depersonalizing you.  The first blow you might not feel as much but when they keep on coming every piece of your being becomes raw and bloody.  A flood of tears comes flowing down your reddened face without any stopping.  I normally get this feeling of worthlessness thinking that I cannot move past this maltreatment.   

STOP RIGHT THERE!!!  We don't deserve this treatment that people give us.  We shouldn't give them permission to rule our life telling us what we should wear, what we should do in our life and how we should talk.  What you should do, as a person, is have a protest rally for yourself.  Take everything that "they" said not for you to do and do just the opposite.  Also, create a POWER look that will give you confidence you need even when you don't look into the mirror. 

Every time you wear your power look you have stared down the monstrous dragon with a vengeance of greatness.  Ask yourself: Who is worth more than what has been given to you?  You better be pointing your finger at yourself. 


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