Our Rights #LetFreedomRing

  For millions of years living sentient beings have roamed this world thriving off the land that was created by a higher being.  Oceans filled with fish and other sea creatures. Land covered with trees, and plants being fruitful for a purpose of survival.  Tribes of human beings used the fruit of the land for food, clothes, shelter, and weapons.  As the population grew oceans started to become dead, the nutrients in the soil became depleted.  Greed and power took over stealing the richness from the earth and the freedom from people. 

   One freedom that was taken away was land, a foundation birth right for all Native people in America.  Chief Joseph, who was a powerful Nez Perce leader advocating for people's rights to stay on their homeland, fought to return his people back to Oregon's Wallowa Valley.  He led a guerrilla campaign of 300 warriors and 500 women and children.   U.S. troops pursued him across over 1300 miles.  Almost 40 miles to freedom, the Nez Perce people found themselves cold, hungry, and out numbered.  They surrendered.  Chief Joseph became a prisoner of the American government and died never to return to his homeland.  Other people like him, Geronimo (an Apache leader) and Sitting Bull (of the Lakota people) spent their whole lives fighting to return home.  Their land was taken by greedy, power hungry heathens who thought these Native individuals were the heathens.  The white man took it upon themselves, using their power over the Native people, to manipulate and civilize.  They tore children away from their mothers, sending them thousands of miles away from their homes to boarding schools cleaning their native tongue from their mouths, forcing them to convert to Christianity.  Their identity was abolished never to be spoken of again.

  In the past few weeks I noticed another right that has been fought to be extinguished and that is freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press.  The media is being censored by the American government.  The truth being muted by the President of this once great nation.  A dictator has taken the throne and manipulated the American people in what he wants them to believe.  He has taken upon himself to ban Muslims (or practicing Muslims) from entering this country.  He has taken funding away from the Environmental Protection Agency as well as funding for the arts and public broadcasting.  He has taken the right away from transgender individuals to have their own bathroom.  He wants to take away affordable healthcare.  We are the only nation in Western civilization that has struggled to provide healthcare to people who can't afford it.  He wants to spend billions of dollars to build a wall separating us from people he thinks are heathens.  Where is this money coming from?  The taxpayers dollar.  We are unable to care for our veterans, our elderly, our children.  And yet this bastard of a man, who calls himself a leader, Commander in Chief, cannot provide for his people (every person living in the U.S.) because he's too busy being a power hungry narcissist. 

  We need to get our voice back.  To be a democracy.  To provide for all people not just the majority but to everyone with a voice and without.  Let's be the voice of the muted and fight to make it heard from the rooftops of the world.  Make sure that all rights are protected...That our freedom is secured.  No violence.  Fill every space with compassion.  Stop being disconnected.  Rejoin the human race.  Empathize....Feel....Embrace....Hope.....Love.....Integrity.....Freedom......

"I HAVE A DREAM" By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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