Dear Meat-Eaters

Dear Meat-Eaters,
   The other day, as I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I found these 3 following memes and two of them I was tagged in:

These were sent to me by a supposed friend.  I know when he sees this post he's going to laugh, in a frustrated tone, and say, "Jeez! Can't you take a joke?!?".  Sorry, buddy.  When it comes to my welfare and the welfare of all sentient beings (that's including you) plus, the welfare of this planet I refuse to take this as a laughing matter.  You obviously don't care for you're still munching on that bloody, disgusting, rotting, dead piece of flesh you call a burger or steak.  You drink your dairy milk and eat your eggs not even conscious about how that "food" was even made possible for you to eat.  You eat your gummy bears and Jello and not once considered how the hell they were made.  (News flash!  It's not simply made from sugar!)  Believe it or not (whether you kill animals for food or not) you are still contributing to the exploitation and the depletion of food sources as well as the depletion of our oxygen!
      Because of the huge demand on animal products, manufacturers are forcing animals to produce more of themselves.  Cows are forced to become impregnated (literally raped) so they can produce milk, not for the calves but for our consumption.  When the calf is born, it is taken from the mothers no more than two days after birth.  The mother is then hooked up to a machine and she is milked to extreme.  She is left with swollen bloody nipples.  When it comes to "free-range" eggs, that's an oxymoron because free-range is just as inhumane as caged.  When you have a whole bunch of chickens in a small area they start pecking at each other.  Do you know how they stop pecking?  Their beaks are cut off.  Did you know that male chicks are instantly killed?  Why have them?  They don't produce the eggs.  (eggs sold for human consumption are not fertilized).  When animals are sent to the slaughter house they are stunned.  There are times when they wake up as their throats are being slit.  Please realize that you are eating fear and traumatized death.  That burger you are eating was someone's life. 
   There is so much here that I could talk about, such as the depletion of the rain forests or animal agriculture and the existence of global warming plus the meat industries funding green peace type organizations, etc.  Yes, Trump, GLOBAL WARMING does EXIST!  All I'm going to say is educate yourself.  Dig deep within yourself and grab hold of what little humanity you have left and do something kind rather than poke fun of those who want to make a difference.  You don't want to be put in the same class as our illustrious president by taking away from our future and only contributing to our demise.  Don't let our planet and people on it die a slow and agonizing death because of your own stupid decisions.  Hopefully, someday, you'll regret the decisions you made.  Think of others for a change and educate yourself. 
    Here are two important documentaries about veganism and global warming.  I was able to watch them on Netflix.  Down below are the links to their websites.  Just look them up and get inspired to help heal the damage that has been done. 

For added information, check out The Vegan Society




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