No Tomorrow? Creating a Bucket List For Today

    What if tomorrow never existed.  What if you are told that today is all the time you have left to live.  How would you live it?  Have you accomplished all that you would want to accomplish?  Have you seen what there is to see?  To experience all the new variations of food you want to try?  Read all the books you want to read?  Have you lived every moment to it's full potential?  Or have you just been biding time until there is no tomorrow left?  How would you live your last moments?
     After stepping down from my previous job position, due to stress, I started pondering on what I have been doing with my life.  I have tried so hard to find contentment, happiness, fulfillment in what others wanted for me.  But, I couldn't find it in the ideas they wanted for me; being reasonable, stable, safe.  How can one grow from such limitations?  No, I won't be earning as much of an income as I would have if I had stayed a fulltime retailer.  But by taking a risk and pursuing something that I've wanted to do for a very long time this will allow me to breathe new life into my stifled lungs.  By putting myself out into the world promoting my passion for writing it opens doors of opportunities being introduced to beautiful like minded individuals who speak from the soul that gives each other a transcendent experience we will never forget. 
    With ideas flooding through my mind for months I decided to open up my laptop, grabbed hold of an inkling, and started typing.  I didn't know where it would take me.  All I did have was faith in my inner most guide me in the direction I needed to go to tell my story.  Reading what I had written, all the intricate and delicate words were so beautifully connected telling a tale that seemed  as if a higher being had taken my hands and helped me find who I am...the person I came to Earth to purpose. 
   So the risks I take might become irrational, or I might not have a consistent cash flow, or make decisions that seem unsafe.  But I don't want to exist in a boxed in...pigeon holed.  I want to live without any regrets.  I want to take risks and grow into a spiritual entity that can actually make a difference.  I want to see and experience the wonders of this fine Earth and have her tell me the hidden mysteries of life and teach me the way it is meant to be lived. 
   I sat down and compiled a list of all the things I could think of that would make my soul rise above all that is familiar and soar into an unknown abyss that hasn't yet been discovered...the feeling that only I can possess.  The list is not complete.  But yet living never ends unless you let it.  Things might change.  Things might be deleted to allow new possibilities to occupy its spot.  The list might be ongoing depending on my longevity.  But all in all, I will keep going...
Living with no regrets.
  • See my book published and in bookstores (this time next year)
  • Go cliff diving
  • Experience transcendental meditation
  • Have a transcendental experience
  • Start a YouTube channel (starting this Wednesday)
  • Grow my hair to my butt
  • Make it to Jerusalem
  • Have a sustainable garden
  • Be a part of a protest rally for something I believe in
  • Create merchandise and donate proceeds to charity
  • Read 500 new books starting now (already have so that is 499 to go)
  • Read from different genres, from different authors who are alive
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Help families in war zones rebuild
  • Learn to ride a horse
  • Paint a picture
  • Drink Absinthe
  • See Prince Edward Island and see the real Green Gables
  • Celebrate my birthday at Cheers...the same Cheers from the TV show
  • Quit the "9-5" lifestyle
  • Study Judaism


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