A Guide on How to Take Care of Yourself When You suffer from Anxiety and Depression

      This past week has been, let's just say, extremely intense.  The highest level of intense that would make anyone, especially a highly sensitive introvert, lose their mind in the height of a panic attack  and call her former boss to beg for her old job back.  This week was over flowing with crying, anger, lack of sleep, and very vivid nightmares.  The panic attacks were so paralyzing.  I couldn't breathe, everything was too close, I, mentally and physically, couldn't find an escape route out of this fearful place that I have found myself more times than I wanted.  The nightmares were basically the same thing, which was an abstract perception of feeling trapped. 
    As I had briefly mentioned in my 3rd post of the year, The Person The Left Behind, my mom bodily functions are progressively deteriorating due to her Multiple System Atrophy.  Along with my dad, we help take care of my mom giving her anything she needs all in the comfort of her own home.  On top of all the stresses of watching my rock, the light of my life, slip away (especially seeing the ever familiar flashing red lights every time we have to rush her to the emergency room), I also spend six days a week working in a place that is very toxic.  Being expected to do the job of three and then get reprimanded if it's not done in a timely manner.  Very little to no help at all.  Breaking down huge shipments, lifting heavy totes, moving at a rapid fire pace, chasing after people who stuff merchandise down their pants (it's a high theft area) and trying to keep my department (health and beauty care at a grocery store) looking somewhat presentable and then turn around the next second to find it all demolished.  This would make anyone drop from sheer exhaustion.  To not help matters, I wake up either at 4 or 5 in the morning.  It's dark out.  I go to work in a department where there are no natural lights.  And I come home at night when the sun has already gone to bed.  A majority of my week I am not exposed to natural light.  So, I'm guessing my serotonin levels are low.  As I've said in some of my other posts, I'm the type of person that if I don't like something I change it.  I have to keep on reminding myself that I have no control over external circumstances only how I respond to it. 
      So, what do I do about the psychological feeling of being trapped?  Just remember that everything is temporary.  Feelings are temporary and situations are temporary.  The toxic work environment is temporary.  I'm basically in the grocery business for the financial stability.  I'm using it as a convenience and searching for my passions elsewhere.  I go further into detail about my passions in the last post, My Journey to Contentment Using The Law of Attraction.  But what do I do to take care of myself if I can't flee from scary situations?  Down below I will list some tips on what I do and will start doing to tame the savage beast that is within me. 
  1. If you are having a difficult time falling and staying asleep and your mind just doesn't want to go in neutral, read a post of mine that I put up about three years ago called, How To Get Through The Night When You Can't Sleep
  2. If you are not getting ample amount of natural light and you feel depression try to hold hands with your anxiety, see your doctor about getting on an SSRI medication, such as Lexapro, which can also help with anxiety.  Also, maybe use a benzodiazepine, such as Diazepam, to use for emergencies. 
  3. Especially working in a toxic environment there is no one to turn to in cases where you need to vent and come up with solutions to the problems.  So, this Tuesday I have an appointment to see a psychologist.  Sometimes you need someone to talk to who won't judge and is there to listen.  Sometimes you solve your own problems but he is there to guide you. 
  4. On my days off and vacations I am heading to the trail to be one with nature.  The sound of silence is so soothing. 
  5. A nice long and hot bath.
  6. Sipping on a cup of chamomile tea when I first come home.
  7. Good wholesome vegan food.
  8. Reading a good book.
  9. Blogging, journaling, writing poetry
  10. Coloring
  11. And a very important step is give all problems that are left over in the brain to God so the night of slumber is not interrupted.  


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